About us

Ed Cloutier is known as the "Gear Doctor". He started Profile Gear in 1977. We are located just West of Port Huron, Michigan. Our facility is a fully climate controlled building.

 We specialize in production gear grinding, prototype gears, and tooling for powder metal gears.

Our capabilities are:

  • spur and helical gears up to 45 degree helix
  • 1.5875 Diametral Pitch to 64 DP
  • crown gears & tapered lead gears
  • burnishing gears
  • punches, laps, & electrodes
  • .250" to 40" O.D
  • ISO 9001-2015 certified
  • expedite service available
  • Nital Etch laboratory
  • Generated gear grinding and single tooth form grinding

We specialize in high precision gear grinding and are capable of achieving up to AGMA class 15 with inspection done on our CMM inspection equipment

Our continued investment in modern equipment capable of highly precision gear grinding has enabled us to provide excellent quality services at a competitive price.