About us

We have a large battery of machines and checking equipment listed below.

                  Qty.                                                Machine Type
                    2Kapp Niles KNe3P Profile Grinders (New in 2018)
                    1Oerlikon Opal 1200 Form Grinder
                    1Reishauer ZB Gear Grinder
                    3Gleason Tag 400 CNC Gear Grinders
                    1Reishauer RZ-301AS CNC Gear Grinder
                    2Reishauer RZ-300E Gear Grinders
                    2Reishauer AM wheel dressing machines
                    3Fellows #12  Reishauer Gear Grinders
                    1Hofler EMZ 632 CMM Gear Inspection Machine
                    1Klingelnberg PNC 130 CMM Gear Inspection Machine
                    5Fellows Involute Checkers
                    2Fellows 12H Lead Checkers
                    1Maag SP-60 Gear Inspection Machine
KNe3P Profile Grinder

Opal 1200 CNC Form Grinder

Tag 400 CNC Gear Grinders


RZ 300 E

Hofler EMZ 632

Klingelnberg PNC 130 capable of inspecting up to 51.181" OD gears

Fellows checking equipment

Reishauer RZ-301AS

Reishaer ZB gear grinders

Nital Etch Lab

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