About us

We have a large battery of machines and checking equipment listed below.

Qty.        Machine Type                                                      
1Oerlikon Opal 1200 Form Grinder
2Reishauer ZB Gear Grinders
3Gleason Tag 400 CNC Gear Grinders
1Reishauer RZ-301AS CNC Gear Grinder
2Reishauer RZ-300E Gear Grinders
1Okamoto  SHG-360 Gear Grinder
2Reishauer AM wheel dressing machines
3Fellows #12  Reishauer Gear Grinders
1Hofler EMZ 632 CMM Gear Inspection Machine
1Klingelnberg PNC 130 CMM Gear Inspection Machine
5Fellows Involute Checkers
2Fellows 12H Lead Checkers
1Maag SP-60 Gear Inspection Machine

Opal 1200 CNC Form Grinder

Tag 400 CNC Gear Grinders


RZ 300 E

Hofler EMZ 632

Klingelnberg PNC 130 capable of inspecting up to 51.181" OD gears

Fellows checking equipment

Reishauer RZ-301AS

Reishaer ZB gear grinders

Nital Etch Lab

This website is to serve as an introduction to our company. We are proud to say we enjoy maintaining a number one rating on quality and delivery. We invite you to visit our gear grinding facility.